About us

My name is Eliora and I am the face behind Personalized Baby Gifts Galore.

With my first born

With my first born

I am a work at home mom to two beautiful children.  I have started this site to help other choose excellent baby gifts for their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and others.  This site is for people who want to put thought into their baby gifts to buy or make something very special and are looking for inspiration.  I know that as a mom, I appreciate gifts that are from the heart and are right for our situation. It is nice when people have shown some thought rather than just buying whatever is on special at the local Walmart.

I publish articles about all these best gift ideas.  I hope to also show that you do not have to spend much money to give a great baby gift.  Many of these ideas are very economical and may be fun to make at home, especially if you have your own children that can help.  In today’s world, it is also very easy to buy things from the internet so many of these ideas can be simply ordered online.

This is a new site so please be patient while I add more content and make it as good as possible.  At the moment, I do not make any money from this site and all thoughts are completely my own.  At some point, I hope it will help support my family so that I can continue to be a stay at home mom.

Any questions?  Do you have any ideas about what would make a great baby gift that I could write about here? I would love to hear from you.  I am very busy, but I will get back to you as quick as I can.  Until then, good luck with your gift selection, purchase and personalization.