Baby Comforters

When looking for a baby comforter there are many options when dealing with materials, weights and, of course, designs. These blankets become very important to your little one as they spend a good portion of their life under, on top of and carrying around this blanket. They will quickly recognize it by sight, smell and feel and associate it with the safety and comfort of their crib.

Due to the fact that most babies will bond with their blankets, choosing the right one that is safe, comfortable and durable is very important. Some things to remember when buying a baby comforter are:

baby comforter


Choosing the right size is probably the easiest part about buying a comforter. Generally you will want to get a crib sized comforter as it is not too big that it can swallow your baby in its folds, yet big enough to make sure their little toes are covered throughout the night.


You will want to choose a breathable, light-weight material on the outside as these will allow your baby’s skin to breathe to reduce the amount the sweat and will wick away what sweat they do produce.

If you live in a colder climate you may want to get a slightly heavier blanket or one with some fill. Avoid duvets or any blanket where the filling can pool as this can create a suffocation hazard.


This may be one of the most important features of a child’s comforter. As there will undoubtedly be things spilled and leaked on it you will want to make sure this blanket can be thoroughly cleaned easily and economically. Dry-clean only is inappropriate for a child’s comforter as the amount of money you will have to pay out weekly would be astronomical.


Making sure your child’s blanket is durable is very important as it will be put through a fair amount of stress. From being carried around, going through the wash multiple times a week (occasionally a couple times in a day) and a teething baby, this blanket will see its share of abuse.

You will want to get a comforter that has a high thread count to achieve this.


Making sure that the blanket does not have tassels, a loose weave, or anything else attached to it that can be pulled off or choked on is very important.

From design to material, there are many options and they can be purchased in any store which has children’s bedding such as department stores and linen stores.


A baby comforter is a must-have of any nursery and can even make a wonderful gift which will be there for the child as they grow.