Diaper Wallets

If you are looking for something a little different to get your friends who are new parents-to-be and you are looking for something that is not just another blanket, stuffed bear or outfit, the Diaper Wallet by b.box may be for you. Although your friends may look at you funny if they do not know what it is and wonder why you are giving them a large wipes container, a quick explanation should resolve any confusion and they will instantly see the usefulness of this item.

diaper wallet

What is a diaper wallet?

b.box created this handy little plastic container which holds everything you need when you do not want to take your diaper bag out with you. It fits in a purse nicely and has spots for diapers, wipes, a change pad and disposable bags. The wipe portion of this container is accessible through the top as well as from the middle when it is opened making it easily available for those quick messes that do not require a diaper change. As it is a clamshell, space is efficiently used and once it is shut there are no awkward clips, Velcro or other materials that will stick out and catch on other items.

Why they are fabulous

These wallets also come in fun colours and designs which will captivate your child’s attention as you change them allowing for a faster, less fussy changing experience. This hard-shelled all-in-one container is great for parents on the go as it has everything they need in a compact case. It is great for leaving in the car in case you forget your bag at home or just want to run in for a quick change without lugging your large diaper bag with you, after all, all you need is a diaper and a few wipes. This is also handy for taking on hikes, jogs or anywhere you would take your stroller because, due to its size, this container fits in the smallest and frailest of stroller storage pouches/bins allowing more freedom and less weight to push.

These diaper wallets can also be used for more space and organization within your main diaper bag as well as you can put one of these in there fully loaded and then use the rest of the bag for clothing, cream, bottles, etc. It makes it quick and easy and you don’t have to dig through your bag looking for a diaper, then the wipes and then a bag to throw them in as they are all in this convenient little case.


This diaper wallet is an excellent present for all parents. It can be purchased through b.box’s website as well as through select online retailers. As this is an Australian product, it does not appear to be in stores as of yet in the United States or Canada. Several webpages will facilitate the purchase of this item and will enable shipping to your door regardless of where you live in the world (within reason).