Personalized Baby Clothes

Personalized baby clothes are simply clothes that are personalized with things such as monograms, photos or stencils.

There are benefits to having personalized baby clothes and one includes the ability to present the new mother with clothing that will create memories not only for her, but also for the child because as she gets older, the mother will show her the personalized baby clothes and the child will get excited about seeing the clothes that were made especially for them. You can make the personalized baby clothing yourself if you’re skilled at sewing or you can visit a specialty gift store and order the clothing. Another great to find personalized baby clothing is on Etsy.

personalized baby clothes

Where Can I Get Sewing Patterns For Making Personalized Baby Clothes?

If you want to make personalized baby clothes, but you want sewing patterns to help you as a guide, you can visit the local fabric shop to obtain sewing patterns for baby clothes of all patterns and sizes. The Internet also has downloadable sewing patterns that you can print out for use when making the personalized baby clothes. Sometimes your friends and relatives may have some sewing patterns that you can use.

Football Jerseys for Babies

If you and your spouse are big football fans, you can have fun with your baby and purchase a personalized football jersey for the baby. If you have a daughter, ask the company to put a special football related messages on a pink or other pastel colored jersey. You can have a funny saying about your football team embroidered on the baby’s jersey along with a photo of the baby printed on the jersey.

Good Fabrics for Baby Clothes

When you buy personalized baby clothing, you should choose clothing that is made of fabric that will be comfortable for the baby. Don’t buy personalized baby clothing that contains elastic because this is uncomfortable for the baby.

Cotton is a good choice for baby clothing as it doesn’t irritate the baby’s skin. A cotton/polyester combination is also neat for baby clothes because clothes that are made of both fabrics do not shrink as quickly as other kinds of baby clothes. Other good fabrics for personalized baby clothes include fleece, linen and bamboo.

Things You Can Embroider on Personalized Baby Clothes

The list is endless when it comes to ideas for things you can embroider on personalized baby clothes. If you’re into environmental issues and enjoy nature, embroider images of trees, ocean, birds and a globe on the outfit. Or if you enjoy reading books, embroider images of books and paper on the clothing.


Personalized baby clothes are a great gift for babies because as your baby becomes an adult, he can pass down those clothes to his own children and then they will pass them on to your grandchildren one day. Be creative when buying or making baby clothes and get inspiration from different sewing patterns. Make sure you buy personalized baby clothing that is the right size so that it will not fit too tightly or too loose on the baby.