Personalized Photo Frames

Photo credit: Virginia L.

Photo credit: Virginia L.

A common trend in baby gifts is personalized photo frames.  They work well as gifts for new parents who want to preserve the memories of their children. You can personalize these yourself by purchasing the frames and decorating it yourself.  For example, some people stencil the baby’s name on the frames while others put small rhinestones on the frames.

Neat Things You Can Put on Personalized Photo Frames

If you’re creating personalized photo frame for a baby, here are some ideas for putting messages or images on the frames. If you know the new parents are huge fans of a certain sports team, you can paint the frames in the colors of that team. Or if you feel that the new parents would want a theme that is religious based for the frame, you can engrave a favorite scripture of theirs on the photo frames.

Fabric Covered Photo Frames

Another thing you can do is purchase personalized photo frames that are covered in fabric all around the edges because this adds a decorative touch to the frames. If your baby has plenty of cotton clothing you can take pieces of cotton fabric to cover the frame and you can use colored pieces as décor for the picture frames.

Why Personalized Photo Frames Make Good Gifts

One reason why personalized photo frames make good gifts is that they are inexpensive to purchase and even more inexpensive to decorate. Another reason why personalized photo frames make good gifts is because it is something that the parents can use for additional children they may have and this personalized frame could be passed down from generation to generation.


If you don’t want the same boring picture frames to place the baby’s pictures inside, you should consider personalized photo frames because they add a special personal touch that can create memories that last a lifetime. Wooden or brass frames are especially good for personalizing with decorative items and you can decorate the frames with new paint, bows, rhinestones and even food labels. However, I don’t recommend putting too many things around the frame because you want the attention to remain in the photo itself. Another idea is to decorate the frame according to a certain decade such as the Roaring 20s or the 70s if the new parent grew up in that decade.