Personalized Teddy Bears

A new baby will invariably mean new soft toys, especially teddy bears. What child doesn’t have a teddy bear from when they were a newborn? So if you’re looking for a personalized gift for a baby that they can play with and enjoy not just as a baby but as a child (and even an adult) as well then a personalized teddy bear is your answer.

There are two types of personalized teddy bears: those with custom printed t-shirts, and those that are made from scratch.bear

Teddy Bear T-Shirts

By far the most common option available over the internet. For these types of bear you typically select one of the teddy bears available in the collection, and design a personalized t-shirt or top to go over the bear. The top can be simple, with some custom text such as the babies name or a small phrase. Or it can be more involved, with you selecting what color the t-shirt is, an image for the t-shirt and what you want the t-shirt to say. There are lots of websites that provide this service, so shop around for one that provides what you want.

This is a great option if you want something cheaply or quickly, and can even be delivered to the lucky baby.

Made from scratch

Another option, and one that gives you a lot more control, is to make  a bear from scratch. Many shops specialising in teddy bears and dolls will provide a service where they will make a teddy bear to your specifications. Depending on the shop you might be able to specify everything from the type of animal, what colours the teddy is and even what facial expressions or eyes it has. It is easy to get something embroiled onto a a teddy made from scratch like this, letting you make something highly personalised.

Some websites offer a service like this as well, but generally the options are more restrictive. Bears made from scratch obviously will cost a lot more that those whose customisations extend to simple t-shirts.

Making it yourself

Nothing shows as much love for the recipient as making a bear completely from scratch with your own hands. This will allow you to completely control the appearance of your teddy. However this the most time consuming option, not to mention you need a lot of skill.

A less time consuming option is to buy a teddy bear kit. Such kits often have everything included as well as simple instructions. You can still make such a teddy very personal by customizing it – such as embroidering a message – but again this can take a bit of time and skill.


A personalized teddy bear as a gift can be something that a  child will treasure forever. The simplest option is to buy a teddy with a personalized t-shirt from online. For something a lot more personalized you can order something made from scratch but this takes more time and money and can be harder to find. Lastly, if you have the time and ability, making a teddy from scratch is easily the most personal and loved filled way to get that perfect, life long, gift.