Personalized Towels

personalized towels

Because baths are going to be a part of your baby’s life, why not order personalized towels with the baby’s name monogrammed on them or other kinds of embroidered designs?

When your baby has personalized towels, you create lifelong memories of your child that you can share with him as he gets older. When your child gets older he may decide to give those towels to his own children. Personalized baby towels come in a variety of colors and patterns and you can buy them in bulk so that you’ll always have them on hand.

Where Can I Get Affordable Personalized Baby Towels?

Mail order catalogs often have affordable personalized baby towels that will include different embroidered designs or monogrammed lettering on them at discount prices. Another option you have is to visit local home d├ęcor stores and inquire about any sales that they may have on personalized baby towels. Online retailers sometimes offer sales on personalized baby towels and if you have promo codes or coupons, you save money this way.

Ideas for Animal Based Baby Towels

For those who want to make their own personalized towels for the baby, here are some ideas for creating animal based personalized baby towels. One thing you can do is put embroidered designs of zoo animals such as zebras, elephants, giraffes and lions on the baby towels. Another idea is to put designs of sea creatures and fish on the towels.

Turning Baby Towels Into Bibs

If you have quite a few baby towels from a few months ago and you’re in need of new bibs, you can turn the towels into bibs. This saves you money on purchasing bibs if you’re on a tight budget and this is a fun activity you can do with your older children on the weekends. To turn the personalized towel into a bib, first put the towel on a flat board then you cut a line through the towel halfway and then you would cut out a circle from the towel. Once you do this you would sew the two pieces near the top of the newly created bib and then the bib is finished.

Decorating The Nursery With Personalized Towels

Another way to decorate your baby’s nursery is to use personalized towels to place on the walls and on the floor instead of a decorative area rug. Don’t place too many towels in the nursery because you’ll need the bulk of those towels to use while giving the baby a bath.


Personalized towels are excellent gift ideas for new parents because these towels look elegant and the new parents will be appreciative of your gift. When your baby reaches school age, frame his old towels and put the frame on the wall in your child’s room as a reminder of his infant years. Personalized towels can be used to fit in with any season and they come in a variety of fabrics such as bamboo, cotton, hemp and silk.