Travel Cribs

Travel cribs are cribs that you take with you when you go on trips with the baby and the benefit is that you don’t have to use the hotel cribs.  Many hotel cribs have been declared unsafe by safety inspectors over the years. If you want to find the best travel crib you should read different reviews and talk to friends for recommendations. Most travel cribs are easy to assemble.  It is important to read the instructions carefully and so all that is asked.  These make a great baby gift as it is not something that new parents generally think to buy when they are having a baby, but it is sure to be useful.

Tips on Buying The Right Cribs

While a brand may not be the most important thing when searching for the right travel crib, it does help if you choose a travel crib from a reputable brand, such as baby bjorn. Ask friends, which brands work the best for them and another thing you can do is read a few reviews on consumer advocacy websites general review websites. You should read up on the current safety recalls on travel cribs as well. Finding a travel crib that is easy to maintain is also important and you should choose a crib that suits your baby’s weight and age.

baby bjorn travel crib

How To Buy Affordable Travel Cribs

You can purchase used travel cribs at local flea markets since most of the cribs there are in good condition, but you should still inspect them to ensure that the crib is safe. Another idea is to take advantage of weekly sales on travel cribs.  There are plenty of online retailers that sell travel cribs at discount prices.


Buying a travel crib takes careful research and an understanding of what you want in a good travel crib. Before you purchase a travel crib you want to look at the installation and maintenance instructions because you want to have an idea of how much trouble it will take to install and maintain the crib. When you set up the crib for the baby, you don’t want to crowd the crib with too many toys since this causes a hazard for the baby. To add a decorative touch to the crib, paint it a different color or put rhinestones on the outside of it.  Finally, you should troubleshoot the crib for problems so that you can keep the baby safe at all times.